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Together, Fred and Tim have been first responders for over 30 years. One as a Fireman and one as a Policeman. They also have over 20 years in the construction and insurance fields. One as a General Contractor and one as the Director of the Insurance Supplementing Department for one of the East Coast’s largest storm restoration companies. Together, we have combined all of our training and experience for you. We keep ourselves updated with the ever changing world of insurance. We know how to interpret an insurance policy and know what will and will not be covered. We understand what it takes to document damages. We know what materials will be needed to properly make a repair and we are trained in proving the cost. We founded this company on three principals: hard work, honest work and integrity above all.

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Fred Hubbard


Fred Hubbard is licensed as a public adjuster and is one of the co-founders of First Response Public Adjusters. He brings over 13 years’ experience as a firefighter and over 20 years’ experience as a general contractor. During his time as a firefighter, Fred has received several awards for service to his community. Fred has received training in the workings of a fire and the damage it causes as well as training in the use of Xactimate, which is an insurance estimating software. Fred’s extensive experience in the contracting business allows him to easily survey damage and know what it takes to complete a proper repair. In his down time, Fred enjoys coaching sports for the community and spending quality time with his wife and children.

Fred brings his vast knowledge of firefighting and construction work to the company. Not only is he highly trained in the inner-workings of a fire and the specific damage it causes, he has been a sought-after general contractor with experience in all types of construction. He knows what it takes, down to the last nail, to make sure your repairs are estimated properly.

Tim Johnson


Tim Johnson is a licensed public adjuster and is the co-founder of First Response Public Adjusters. He brings over 20 years of experience as a police officer. He also brings insurance experience as being the director of the insurance supplement department for one of the east coast’s largest storm restoration companies. Tim has also received several awards for his service to the community. Tim has received training in the collection, preservation and documentation of evidence, commercial building safety assessments, negotiating, the use of Xactimate and the legal decisions of overhead and profit as it relates to insurance claims. Tim has also been involved in the negotiating of union contracts for the past decade. In his down time, Tim is involved with his church and also enjoys spending quality time with his wife and children.

Tim brings his vast knowledge in the field of law enforcement and insurance repair estimating/supplementing to the company. Tim is highly trained in negotiating and in the collection, documentation and preservation of evidence. He was also the director of the supplementing/estimating department of one of the east coast’s largest storm restoration companies. In his job as director, his responsibilities included overseeing and creating estimates and insurance supplements in Xactimate, which is the estimating software used by 85 percent of insurance companies, and working with insurance adjusters to assure that each claim included all of the necessary repair and code-related items.

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